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Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirts

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Island Vibes for Four-Legged Friends: The Must-Have Hawaiian Shirt for Pets
Turn any day into a tropical getaway with our Hawaiian Shirt for pets. Whether you're actually vacationing or just want to feel like you are, this vibrant, colorful shirt sets the mood for a lively Luau or beach day.

Sized for a Perfect Fit:
Designed for a snug yet comfortable fit, this shirt is perfect for pets with a chest size ranging from 35 cm to 38 cm.

High-Cut Tummy for Clean Fun:
Say goodbye to dirty bellies! The high-cut tummy design ensures that your pet stays clean and dry, letting them enjoy their tropical adventures to the fullest.

Collared Elegance:
The shirt's collar adds a touch of island elegance, making it perfect for both casual and festive occasions.

A Splash of Color, A Dash of Joy:
This Hawaiian shirt is more than just a pet outfit—it's a ticket to joy and color, creating a festive atmosphere wherever you go.

Picture-Perfect Moments:
Get your camera ready for some adorable tropical-themed photos that will make every moment memorable and Instagram-worthy.

Chest size : 35-38 cm

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