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Cat Teaser Toy

Cat Teaser Toy

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Scandi Animal On A Wooden Stick: The Ultimate Cat Teaser Toy

Made from 100% biodegradable, recycled materials for guilt-free play.

Quality Catnip:
Filled with imported US-grade dried catnip leaves and grass powder for extra excitement.

Features a durable wooden stick, robust rope, and natural feather for endless fun.

Interactive Fun:
Encourages natural behaviors like hunting, chasing, swatting, and biting, making it a great confidence builder for anxious cats.

All Ages & Breeds:
Perfect for kittens, adult cats, and breeds like Persians.

For optimal engagement, initiate playtime in five-minute sessions daily.

Catnip Info:
Contains nepetalactone, a safe, non-addictive essential oil that offers a euphoric experience lasting around 10 minutes for most cats.

Give your cat the joy of play and relaxation, all in one with the Scandi Animal On A Wooden Stick.

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