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Crazy Tumbler Pig Toy For Cats

Crazy Tumbler Pig Toy For Cats

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FOFOS Crazy Tumbler Pig: Unleash Your Cat's Playful Spirit
Introducing the FOFOS Crazy Tumbler Pig, a battery-operated toy ball designed to engage and stimulate your feline friend. This unique tumbler toy is an exciting addition to our popular pet supplies collection, offering endless interactive fun.

Playful & Stimulating:
With its automatic shaking feature, the toy mimics the erratic movements cats love, stimulating their natural hunting instincts.

Convertible Hairstyles:
Choose between two detachable hairstyles—pompom and wool—to keep the playtime fresh and engaging.

Resilient & Responsive:
The tumbler base quickly bounces back after being knocked down, offering a challenging game that keeps your cat entertained over and over.

Safe & User-Friendly:
Battery-Operated: Runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included).
Non-Toxic: Made from environmentally friendly ABS material.
Easy to Operate: Simply insert the batteries, attach the hairstyle, and press the button to start the fun.
Chic Design:
The light pink and shallow green color scheme not only entertains but also doubles as a stylish home decoration.

Elevate your cat's playtime with this innovative and entertaining FOFOS Crazy Tumbler Pig toy.

Weight 258 grams

 Package Size 11.43 x 8.38 x 7.11 cm 

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Customer Reviews

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Not extraordinary - I give 3 stars

My cats outgrew this toy in no time (so 1 star less). Besides, it's battery driven. And I had to unfortunately seek help from an electrician nearby to open the battery cabinet (so 1 more star less).