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Stabbed Costume- Pet Halloween Costume

Stabbed Costume- Pet Halloween Costume

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A Twist on Traditional Spooks: Introducing the Stabbed Pet Costume for Halloween
Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary this Halloween with our Stabbed Pet Costume. Tailored for medium-sized pets, this outfit offers a spine-chilling yet whimsical take on traditional Halloween costumes, featuring a simulated stab wound for that extra shock factor.

Medium Size for Maximum Impact:
Designed to offer a snug yet comfortable fit, this medium-sized costume ensures your pet can join in on the Halloween fun without any discomfort.

Original, Distinct, and Unforgettable:
If you're tired of the same old pet costumes, this Stabbed Pet Costume offers a truly unique and memorable experience, setting the stage for a Halloween celebration like no other.

Not Just a Costume, but a Conversation Starter:
This outfit is sure to turn heads and start conversations, making your pet the center of attention and the talk of any Halloween gathering.

Capture the Thrills and Chills:
Prepare for a Halloween photo session that's both eerie and unforgettable, capturing the essence of the holiday in a way that's both distinct and spine-chilling.

Size: Medium ( Refer to the size chart in the  images)

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