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Handmade Jute Mouse Cat Toy

Handmade Jute Mouse Cat Toy

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Handmade Jute Mouse Cat Toy: Realistic Fun Meets Craftsmanship
Introduce your feline friend to the Handmade Jute Mouse Cat Toy, the ultimate playtime experience that mimics the thrill of the hunt. Made with love and care, this toy combines authenticity with safety to bring endless joy to your cat's life.

Lifelike Mouse Design:
With its realistic mouse shape and fluffy tail, this toy is a magnet for your cat's attention, offering a playtime experience that closely resembles real-life hunting.

Channel That Energy:
Cats are energetic creatures with a natural hunting instinct. Our Handmade Jute Mouse serves as a perfect substitute, allowing your cat to expend excess energy in a fun and safe manner.

Handcrafted Quality:
Each toy is meticulously handmade, ensuring a non-toxic, safe, and bite-resistant product that your cat will love to play with.

Soft & Comfortable:
Crafted from jute material, this toy is incredibly comfortable to bite, scratch, and bat around, making it a firm favorite among cats.

Elevate your cat's playtime with our Handmade Jute Mouse Cat Toy. It's more than just a toy—it's a gateway to a world of fun and stimulation for your feline friend!

Dimensions : 10 cm

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Customer Reviews

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These toys can be kept as an accent ...

My cats don't play with these. These are of good quality though. I may attach these toys with a used wand in future so that my cats can go around catching them. They love the bell attached to these toys.